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In terms of foreign trade, tax and customs legislation, there are procedures to be followed and some actions to be taken regarding the purchase and sale of all kinds of goods or services made by companies in Free Zones abroad, domestically or to persons / institutions within the free zone.

As Havasis A.Ş, we have been providing service and supply services to Free Zones since 2006. By establishing our own team for free zone operations that need to be followed meticulously and handled as a separate business, we are able to make quick turns to the needs of our customers. Related to this subject within our company;

- Our customs agent, - Our shipment staff, - O...

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Havasis Inc. Ş., we are happy to share our years of experience with you and your employees.

It is possible to increase efficiency in your business with education!

When each employee does his job in the most correct way, it is possible to avoid all disruptions by reducing errors.

For this, we provide a total of 10 trainings covering each step of the process starting from the compressor at the beginning of the air line to the hand tool used.

Call us to join our trainings under the headings such as correct tightening technique, air line installation, correct product selection, correct use of products ...

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